The book is recommended for graduate students, PhD students, and senior researchers that would like to learn Massive MIMO, either in depth or at an overview level. To aid in the learning process, we have prepared a set of exercises that covers the basic theorems, concepts, and results.

Download Exercises

The book is suitable as teaching material in university courses. For example, a graduate-level course can cover Sections 1-4 in depth or partially. Selected parts of the remaining sections may also be included in the course, depending on the background and interest of the students. Basic knowledge of linear algebra, probability theory, estimation theory, and information theory is sufficient to read the book. Appendix B contains short summaries of the results from these topics that are used in the book. Appendix C contains detailed proofs of the analytical results.

Are you teaching a course based on this book?

An extensive slide set and answers/solutions to the exercises are available for teachers who would like to give a course based on the book. To acquire this teaching material, please send an email to Emil Björnson and make sure to provide documentation that proves that you are working as a teacher and will give the course. We are not giving this material to students.