The Free and Most Thorough Book on Massive MIMO

We are proud to present our massive textbook on the Massive MIMO technology:

Emil Björnson, Jakob Hoydis and Luca Sanguinetti (2017), “Massive MIMO Networks: Spectral, Energy, and Hardware Efficiency”, Foundations and Trends® in Signal Processing: Vol. 11, No. 3-4, pp 154–655. DOI: 10.1561/2000000093.

The book is delivered with supplementary material, includes simulation code and teaching material.

There are two ways to get the book:

Printed hardback version: now publishers has published a color-printed hardback version of the 500+ page book. You can buy it for the list price of $99 (including shipping) from the publisher. It is also available from major online bookshops and at the publisher’s conference booths.

Authors’ free PDF version: You can also get a free PDF of the book.