Massive MIMO is an essential topic in the field of future cellular networks. I have not seen any other book which can compete at that level of detail and scientific rigor. I liked the didactic style, coming back to root definitions (cellular networks, spectral efficiency, channel models, and so forth) which will be very useful to PhD students and others starting in this area. The models are very well explained and justified as opposed to being imposed out of nowhere. This makes the reading particularly pleasant and rich. Overall, a great tool to researchers and practitioners in the field.

David Gesbert, EURECOM


This book provides a modern presentation of the state-of-the-art for Massive MIMO communication. It includes a comprehensive treatment of mathematical tools for analyzing and understanding Massive MIMO networks. The authors provide an enlightening introduction to the topic, suitable for graduate students and professors alike. The book starts with the basic definitions and culminates in a systematic treatment of spectral and energy efficiency. Of particular interest, the book provides an updated assessment of the performance limiting factors, showing for example that pilot contamination is not a fundamental limitation.

Robert W. Heath Jr., The University of Texas at Austin



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  • “The approach is rigorous, loaded with lemmas, corollaries, and loads of math. For a professional monograph, the writing style is clear.”
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